At the foot of an ancient volcanic crater lies Mulsum

A small, multifunctional family-run organic farm born out of the love for the land of a winemaker and an apiarist.

Our Wine

Between Nature and Tradition

The production of organic wines requires dedication and respect for nature. Fermentation occurs spontaneously, without chemical additives, and the use of sulfites is minimized. Our wines represent a tribute to winemaking tradition and a commitment to a sustainable future.

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Here you can find our organic wines, along with other delicacies such as honey, citrus marmalades and jams, extra virgin olive oil, and local cheeses.

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The holistic apiary

Sensory Harmony in the Rural Oasis

In this intimate and tranquil place, the scent of natural wood blends with the aromas of the beehives. The buzzing of the bees allows the mind to tune into the frequencies of natural sounds, while the eyes delight in the surrounding landscapes through expansive windows.

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The perfect venue for your events

Both the indoor spaces and outdoor areas of the facility are ideal for hosting private events of all kinds, sports and cultural meetings, family gatherings, and school groups with dedicated educational programs.

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Those who witness the birth of agricultural products know well that what determines one taste over another is not so much the skill and knowledge of humans, but rather Mother Nature.

Nature is for everyone; we organize various activities to share our spaces with those who want to experience nature.

The indoor and outdoor spaces of the farm are suitable for hosting private events such as birthday parties, ceremonies, sports gatherings, and cultural meetings.


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