The Territory

The farm comprises approximately 3.5 hectares distributed between the southern and southeastern slopes of Mount Etna, specifically in the territories of Belpasso and Trecastagni.


The land in Belpasso is located in Contrada Santa Marina, at approximately 400 meters above sea level. It is the characteristic "jardinu" typical of these areas, where ancient cultivars of oranges and centuries-old olive trees give us their precious fruits every year, along with other crops including almonds and prickly pears, benefiting from the pollination work of our tireless bees. Here, the soil has a mixed composition, with a zone where sedimentary material alternates with volcanic rock from ancient lava flows, and another part of the soil that is looser and rich in organic matter and macro-elements naturally contributed by the abundant presence of various types of leguminous plants that grow spontaneously.


The Contrada is named after the Carpene stream that once flowed along the perimeter of the property, and today also lends its name to the road. The landscape here is characterized by the presence of two small inactive volcanic cones that are part of a typical "bottoniera" (button-like formation), a term used to describe a series of craters known as eccentric or adventitious, meaning they originated away from the main crater, one behind the other, resembling the buttons on a shirt. One of these is Monte Ilice, which overlooks the farm to the north and derives its name from the abundant presence of holm oaks (Quercus ilex).

In addition to the vineyard, there is an area cultivated with olive trees, scattered cherry, apple, pear, walnut trees, and our beloved chestnut trees dotting the landscape.