We are Lino and Aurora, a winemaker and a beekeeper.

Together, we take care of this small corner of Earth on the southeast slope of Mount Etna, where we have chosen to put down roots and work in harmony with environmental biodiversity, embracing the concept of slowness that is dear to us. We want our guests to fully appreciate the experiences we offer by immersing themselves in our rhythms and those of the surrounding nature.

Since the inception of our farm in 2003, we have chosen to practice agriculture that is as natural and eco-sustainable as possible. In February 2021, we entered the organic certification system, further solidifying our commitment to these principles.

A name rich with history

It is from our perfect symbiosis that the company “Mulsum” was born, borrowing its name from the famous beverage regularly consumed by ancient Romans, made from wine and honey. We plan to produce this beverage to offer during our wine and gastronomic tastings.