Our products

Our Treasures of Etna

Explore our exclusive selection of artisanal products, from the irresistible wine that captures the essence of our Etna terroir, to the sweet nectar of honey produced by our bees following organic standards

Wine, the main fruit of our work

It comes from the vines of the small organic vineyard in the Etna Park and we personally take care of the entire production process.

From the grape harvest to the packaging of the wine bottles, up to the sale. The harvest is usually done around mid-October, the harvested grapes are immediately transported to the company cellar and vinified. We produce Etna Rosato Organic D.O.C. wines. and Etna Rosso Organic D.O.C.

Juice and pulp

The juice and pulp of grapes (cv Nerello Cappuccio), obtained through simple mechanical processes that preserve their naturalness and guarantee the healthiness of the product, without the addition of water, sugars and preservatives. This way you will be able to savor the taste of freshly pressed grapes.

Fruity Delights: Organic Jams and Nature's Compotes

The jams of our organic citrus fruits and the wild blackberry compotes that we collect in the hills during the summer season.

Taste Harmony: The Organic Honey of Our Bees

The honey produced by our bees bred using an organic management method is the result of particular attention to the health of the bees and the purity of their environment. In our apiaries, following rigorous organic standards, bees feed on wild flowers and aromatic plants, giving the honey a unique character and rich flavor.

Natural Light: Handcrafted Pure Beeswax Candles

Handcrafted pure beeswax candles are the fruit of our dedication to creating authentic, sustainable products. We obtain the wax from the hives that house our bees, ensuring that the collection process is delicate and respectful of the insects and their environment. Each candle is carefully handcrafted, giving a unique touch to each piece.